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04 Jan

The Esports Experiment team now has a name

The building block of (Esports) life

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19 Dec

In the starting blocks

Our coach “NicoThePico” has put together his team. Now he can hardly wait for the Esports Experiment to begin.

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05 Dec

This is the Esports Experiment Training Facility

We’ve found our new home. The Esports Experiment training center is in the heart of Berne.

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The sign-up phase is over.
Motivated League of Legends players had just over one month to apply for one of the coveted places in the Esports Experiment. Now it’s up to our coach, Nicholas «NicoThePico» Korsgård, to put together a powerful team of competitors selected from the 820 applicants.

We wish all applicants every success and hope they will continue to enjoy all the action on Summoner’s Rift!

PostFinance is giving five League of Legends players the opportunity to become professional Esports athletes for one year. You will train full-time and participate in competitions and tournaments. By signing up for the Esports Experiment, you will get the chance to start a gaming career and make a name for yourself in Europe and worldwide.

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    Nicholas Korsgård
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Hi there, I’m Nicholas Korsgård, more known through my gamertag NicoThePico! I’ve been a gamer for all my life, going back all the way to spending my days catching Pokémon, to now being a professional coach in League of Legends for the last few years. Coming from multiple years of coaching and playing League of Legends, both individually and on team level it was about time to become a Sensei! Looking forward to meet you and help you achieve your goals!

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  • Reached finals of LCS Spring Split
  • Head Coach of Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Head Coach of Fnatic
  • Head Coach of Origen